[VoiceOps] Grandstream VoIP phones

Eric Wieling EWieling at nyigc.com
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Polycom 4.0 firmware is nice, but it does not track missed calls (at least on the 550 model).  This is a bug confirmed by Polycom.  This issue is a showstopper for us.  I find it astounding.

On Asterisk you can ask the phone to check for config file changes (except for MAC-directory.xml) by issuing "sip notify polycom-check-cfg XXX" where XXX is the SIP device configured on Asterisk.  

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Yes, version 4 is much much better. It boots up very fast. The web interface is rich in functionality and is much easier to use.

Matthew what is Polycom zero touch provisioning?

Also, does anybody know if Polycom phones can check for an updated provisioning file (like the Cisco SPA does)?
Does allows you to change the settings of the phone without asking the user to restart it every time.

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