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Nope, not seeing anything like that.


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Apologies for the typo on subject line (territory). Anyone else have issues with calls terminated on Verizon switches down in the MD/DE/PA areas? (Greenbelt, Cumberland, etc) I have something of a travel card like set up going on with a huge portion of callers in that area (MD/PA/DE) and have found one commonality: 90+% of the terminations are on VZ switches. I have re-routed calls through who knows how many carriers at this point (Paetec, Level3, Global), etc yet calls with a duration of about 20-40 minutes cut off for no rhyme or reason. My end of the call simply sees a normal hangup... My client? They believe we are the ones disconnecting the call. While I could open up a call with either one of my carriers, (and I have) the outcome is and has been pretty much the same... So again, is it me?
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