[VoiceOps] Real-time single stream RTP monitoring

Tim Bray tim at kooky.org
Tue Dec 18 06:32:50 EST 2012

On 17/12/12 19:41, Ross Kusler wrote:
> Hey all,
>                 I am wondering if anyone knows about a simple UAC-like 
> tool that can establish a single concurrent long-running call to 
> another SIP endpoint and _monitor_ the incoming RTP.  If, in 
> real-time, it detects a significant drop in RTP (or other audio 
> degradation), it could run a command line tool.  I'm not looking for 
> software that captures lots of calls or does advanced analytics.. I'm 
> really just hoping for something that alerts us to an issue in 
> real-time while a call is still active.  Does anyone know of anything 
> like this?  Or will I have to roll it myself?
> I appreciate any suggestions that you can offer! =)

I used to use Smokeping in UDP mode, with long packets.    It is not 
strictly a stream as such :)

Some like the bit below in the config file.   You can choose the size to 

+ EchoPing

pings = 5
size = 170
udp = yes

Tim Bray
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Huddersfield, UK

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