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Calix C7 might be overkill for this project, but you can do 24x20
ports in a single Chassis this way. I believe they have smaller chassis
nowadays too. Can do GR303-> POTS or H.248->POTS. 

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25.01.2012 15:40, Shripal Daphtary wrote: 

> Great.thanks. 
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from my mobile device. 
> On Jan 25, 2012, at 4:38 PM, "Matthew S.
Crocker" <matthew at corp.crocker.com [12]> wrote:
>> I don't see why
not. I never tried it. It worked great as MGCP on the M6. It is even
officially supported as MGCP.
>> Primus uses a bunch of MALCs in
Canada on the M6. They used to anyway, no idea if they migrated to
another platform or not.
>> In our campus deployment we had a couple
hundred Linksys SPA-942s running SIP & a couple hundred analog off the
MALC. Worked pretty well with the M6. They are all on Broadworks now,
just pushed new firmware and configs to the linksys and reboot.
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question about campus installations
>>> Thanks Matt, do you know if
this will work with sip on the m6?
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>>> On Jan 25, 2012, at 3:52 PM, "Matthew S. Crocker"
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>>>> I've used a Zhone MALC
319 with 48 port POTS cards running MGCP to an M6 for this exact
scenario. It worked great for years, this summer I updated the firmware,
switch to SIP and moved the customer onto our Broadworks platform. Still
working great. The MALC is a bit of a nightmare to configure but it is
great. The MALC I have running has 4 - 48 port POTS cards with a bunch
of empty slots. We installed it in a weather proof cabinet including
batteries & fusing. This came from Zhone already assembled and wired.
Everything is in the basement of one of their campus buildings right
next to where the old PBX was.
>>>> To cut over we wired up new
Krone blocks for the MALC. Ran cross connects from Phone -> MALC block
and double punched MALC block -> PBX block. Left the MALC disconnected
on the 25 pair. When it was time for the cut we just yanked off all the
double punch xconnects to disconnect the PBX and plugged in the MALC 25
pair. The total outage was a couple minutes to cut 150+ extensions
>>>> I also use Zhone MALC XP 150A with ADSL2+/POTS running
MGCP to my M6. The ADSL2+ is great to push bandwidth out to dorm rooms
if they don't have Cat5 anywhere. You can get DSL modems that are
embedded in a single gang faceplate to mount in the dorm rooms. Students
would see a Cat5 Ethernet jack with 24/2 mb ADSL2+ on the upstream

>>>> The MALC supports P-phones but no other digital phones.
http://www.zhone.com/products/MALC/ [5]
http://www.zhone.com/products/opx/ [6] (cabinets)
>>>> For digital
phones you can use a Citel Portico TVA-D. This will convert digital
handsets to SIP. I'm not sure about MGCP. It works with Broadworks, not
sure about the M6
>>>> http://www.citel.com/Products/Portico.asp
>>>> -------------------------
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>>>>> SUBJECT:
[VoiceOps] question about campus installations
>>>>> Hey all, i
have a question that i could use some help on. 
>>>>> I have a customer
that wants to replace a PBX that is shared between administration and
residences in a campus environment with a VoIP solution. PBX currently
has a digital phone in each residence connected via CAT3/rj11 back to a
RJ21x the MDF. There are 238 units. customer would like to provide POTs
service to each residence with some class 5 features, VM, CLID, 3WAY,
etc. There is not Cat5/rj45 connections in any of the units. 
>>>>> I
was thinking of bringing in several Adit600 chassis, with 5x8port FXS
cards in each, which would give me 40 FXS ports/chassis. meaning 6
chassis. i would likely use MGCP, b/c it works well with the Adit.

>>>>> I can't seem to find a better/larger device that does more than
40 FXS ports, besides a PBX. does anyone know of a product/channel bank
that can handle more? i can do SIP or MGCP. 
>>>>> oh, i know that i can
get a CAT 6500 and populate it with a couple CMMs and populate the CMMs
with 24 port FXS cards (WS-SVC-CMM-24FXS), but the client can't maintain
>>>>> I'm running an Broadsoft M6. 
>>>>> thanks!

>>>>> Shri 
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