[VoiceOps] Call Rate Limiting / Blocking (AcmePacket + Broadsoft NS)

Keith Croxford keith.croxford1 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 20 10:52:12 EST 2012

I'm looking for input from other voice providers: 


We have an off-net number that periodically floods our network with inbound
calls. When this happens our NS ( Broadsoft) often reaches or exceeds the
number of available licenses. The end result is that new call requests fail
until the call volume decreases. This usually last for 5-10 seconds.  


We  have a cluster of AcmePacket SBCs in front of Broadworks. Does anyone
know if it is possible to limit the calls per second on a dynamic
originating number? I say this as the originating caller might be
555-555-1111 for 10 minutes, then another flood of calls originates from
444-444-2222 a few hours later. We believe these to be from the same caller
due to the IVR message presented. 


If it is  possible would the AcmePacket SBC perform this as an HMR in
software, or would the SBC hardware handle this?   If the SBC cannot do
this, is it possible to perform some sort of dynamic rate limiting on a
Broadsoft NS and send a failure response code w/a reason code after a metric
is breached?  Any other suggestions would be great. 


The last question involves legal implication of blocking a number. Assume
that we  blocked all calls from 555-555-1111 at our SBC.  Two weeks from now
Customer A opens a trouble ticket that their customer cannot call them. Of
course the company's main line happens to be 555-555-1111.   Is there any
FCC rule or regulation that would limit this. I'm trying to find something
in  Title 47 of the Code of Federal Regulations. 






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