[VoiceOps] Broadtouch Business Communicator with third party IM&P

Sean Sabbage sgsabbage at gmail.com
Mon Jul 2 14:04:21 EDT 2012

Hi Robert,

We do a lot of work with Broadsoft, and from our communication with them,
they've indicated to us that the third party IM&P is solely for device
management tag (e.g. setting up XMPP accounts within Bria), and not for
integrating a proper third part IM&P server. Apparently the original
intention was for full integration, but this has been significantly pared
back to the above functionality.

Many thanks,

If you find out differently
On 2 July 2012 18:28, Robert Dawson <RDawson at alliedtelecom.net> wrote:

>  Anyone doing their own IM/presence with Business Communicator? In the FD
> guide it mentions a “third party IM&P” license but I can’t seem to find
> anyone that has knowledge of it.****
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