[VoiceOps] 3rd Pary SIP support for Avaya phones

Adam Baird abaird at telesphere.com
Fri Jul 20 13:52:04 EDT 2012

Can any Avaya experts out there tell me if the SIP-based Avaya IP Office 9600 phone can be used in a 3rd party SIP environment?  I've had a chat with one of their online sales reps who says that "to the best of his knowledge" they will not work and Avaya won't support it.  He suggested that I contact my local Avaya dealer for a more definitive answer.

I think it's probably technically possible (though I've never touched one so I don't know that for sure) but I'm wondering if Avaya supports it (ie can I purchase a support contract so I can open a ticket on an issue).

Any insight would be appreciated.

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