[VoiceOps] Adtran - RURI in INVITE not matching Host IP

Ujjval Karihaloo ujjval at simplesignal.com
Wed May 9 11:00:00 EDT 2012

Hi All:

   Adtran rejects the call with a 404 (which never shows up on the wire)
when the Req URI IP address doesn’t match the IP on the ADtran. Is there
any workarounds that anyone knows for this typical NAT issue – other than
putting a public IP OR using a firewall with SIP ALG?

3:20:31:564 SIP.CLDU Cldu::CallLegCreatedEv: (0x23fc7a8)
13:20:31:565 SIP.CLDU Incoming CallLeg created from 555-555-5555 at ip.address.#
555-555-5555 at ip.address.#
*13:20:31:573 SIP.CLDU ERROR! Request-URI host is not local, unable to proxy
incoming message to 555-555-5555 at ip.address.#*
13:20:31:574 SIP.CLDU ERROR! Failed to get CLDU Interface, (0x23fc7a8)
13:20:31:575 SIP.CLDU Incoming message received from cosoftswitchip:5060
via UDP
13:20:31:575 SIP.CLDU CLDU::AppCallLegMsgReceivedEv: Null CLDU Interface,
13:20:31:576 SIP.CLDU Cldu::CallLegStateChangedEv: Null CLDU Interface,
13:20:31:577 SIP.CLDU Request rejected (404)
13:20:31:580 SIP.CLDU ERROR! Unable to finalize message: (0x23fc7a8), (0x0)
13:20:31:581 SIP.CLDU Cldu::CallLegStateChangedEv: Null CLDU Interface,

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