[VoiceOps] T38 via Level3

Jesse Howard jhoward at m5.net
Sat May 26 13:19:46 EDT 2012

It was a few years ago last we tested but getting reliable t.38 from any
carrier was near impossible - level3 told us straight out that they
couldn't guarantee t.38 on all their switches and routes. I think Verizon
was a little better but there were other issues with them - including a
premium cost. We have made due with g711 faxing for most users and local
network 711<-> t.38 conversions using audiocodes media servers.

Also - it takes some tweaking but I have continued to test Asterisks (v1.8)
t.38 gateway for faxing and it seems to be improving. Depending on your
traffic requirements it might be something to consider if you cannot rely
on your carriers and your fax server requires t.38. Faxing is also a good
reason to keep around some PRIs if it is an important part of your business

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