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There's a lot of debate about whether Certification of CPE is ever the right approach for SIP Trunking. The spectrum of sane choices includes:

(a) The Bellhead Model: Service Provider chooses, tests, and blesses only certain devices, running certain software versions. (Result: All of the certified devices are unavailable or obsolete by next month.)

(b) The Empirical Model: Service Provider provides a test platform allowing customers to test and verify whatever it is they have. Then the Service Provider validates the results and approves the service, or finds problems. (Result: The customer has to work hard to prove his service works, and the SP may lose the deal if the customer isn't willing. But at least the customer has working service the whole time, and the Service Provider isn't trying to lab-test on a production service.)

In addition to the two sane options above, there's another option that doesn't fit into any category of functional mental health:

(c) The Clean-It-Up-Later Model: Customer turns up whatever he wants, numbers are ported to the new service provider, and then and then they test and troubleshoot it when it's supposed to be live. Typically service-affecting problems are discovered during the first month.

The Google evidence is that AT&T Flexible Reach is following model (a), where individual Enterprise SBCs are certified. It's becoming more common for SIP trunking that only the CPE SBC is certified, allowing the customer some freedom on the actual SIP PBX or gateway behind the Enterprise SBC.

For example, Google shows claims that the Avaya Aura, Sipera E-SBC, and Net.com Enterprise SBCs are supported by AT&T Flexible REach.

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> That's been the problem. 
> Multiple BP's trying to get that info through their AM's and SE's, across markets, haven't been able to get that info. 
> Tried from the top down (VoIP product manager) also, no return calls. 
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>> Having a hard time finding the correct department to start the interop 
>> process with.
> Stupid question, but hasn't your account manager given you clear next steps, and contacts?
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