[VoiceOps] Push DTMF to IAD after call answered

Mark R Lindsey lindsey at e-c-group.com
Wed Oct 3 13:46:51 EDT 2012

On Oct 3, 2012, at 10:08 , Robert Dawson <RDawson at alliedtelecom.net> wrote:

> I need to be able to initiate a call to an IAD  and then automatically send some DTMF tones to it after it picks up. 

...and then what?

If you ONLY need to be able to place the call, wait for the 200 OK, send DTMF via RFC2833, and then hangup, then that's one thing. (And, depending on your need for robustness, retransmission-reliability, redundancy, monitoring, logs, and accounting, you might consider sipp. Or maybe a media-server-hosted VoiceXML script on BroadWorks.)

If you're expecting that after this call is connected, you want to reconnect it over to a human to have a two-way phone call, then that's going to be different.

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