[VoiceOps] Direct CLEC interconnect - taking the plunge

Jay Hennigan jay at west.net
Wed Oct 17 19:39:06 EDT 2012

We are a regional hosted VoIP provider in California.  We started as an
ISP and moved into becoming a CLEC offering VOIP.  As is probably the
case with most, we started buying DIDs from wholesale carriers as SIP
trunks.  The majority of our customers are within a single LATA with a
large minority in an adjoining one.

We are investigating the feasibility of direct interconnect with the

I'm interested in pointers/gotchas as well as recommendations of a
consultant to help us navigate the maze, both from a political and
technical standpoint.  Suggestions as what not to do or who not to hire
are also welcome.

Please feel free to respond on-list or off as you feel appropriate.

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