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Mike Ray mike at astrocompanies.com
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Our company is a RespOrg which controls toll-free numbers.  As such, I can
tell you what is likely causing this.  When a toll-free customer sets up
their toll-free service, they can choose to handle calls differently from
any US state or NPA (area code).  Options include routing to a specific
destination phone number from any NPA, or deliberately not routing calls
from a certain NPA.  Since some long-distance carriers charge more for
Canadian toll-free service, some customers may be setup not to route calls
from Canadian phone numbers.

We see this a lot recently with people using this mechanism to reject calls
from invalid calling numbers, and also from toll-free numbers both of which
are technically inappropriate to use as your ANI.

One way that you could get around this on an Asterisk-type switch would be
to setup your dialplan to first try the call with the normal ANI, and then
if it fails try the call again using a US ANI *that belongs to you*.
Getting a US-based phone number for this purpose should be pretty easy to do
(we can provide them, for instance), and it would probably clear up your
issue if this is the cause.



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> oops, didn't finish my though.
> i'm assuming there is no way to differentiate between a US TFN and 
> thanks
> srhi

There isn't a way to tell. Some TFN that a Canadian dials won't terminate
but then the same number dialed will terminate with a US Caller ID.
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