[VoiceOps] Canadian TFN Calls

Ivan Kovacevic ivan.kovacevic at startelecom.ca
Fri Oct 19 12:41:02 EDT 2012

We have a mostly Canadian contact center clients and our clients frequently
transfer to Canadian, as well as US TFNs.

What we find is that when routing through Canadian CLECs, calls to Canadian
TFNs tend to terminate consistently, with the exception when our clients
don’t set a valid CLI. Some IVRs are programmed to ignore UNKNOWN/Witheld
CLI (or US NPAs). But this is usually an IVR limitation, not the telephone

Terminating to Canadian TFNs via US Carriers is spotty at best. Resulting
in similar outcomes folks already mentioned…

That being said. We are our own RespOrg, so I know for a fact it is
possible to block US calls to Canadian TFNs and vice versa, based on LATA
configuration. In fact for our clients, we use two different carriers to
route Canadian calls and US calls to the same TFN, based on originating
LATA. So sometimes the number itself will be limited to receive calls
originating in Canada.

It’s a mess J.

Best Regards,

Ivan Kovacevic

Star Telecom | www.startelecom.ca

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Hi all, I have an issue that seems to have arisen (perhaps recently), that
i'm unsure of how to resolve.  We have a few customers in the Toronto, ON
area where the outgoing CLID set as a Toronto TN (sourced from
bandwidth.comi believe).  when these customers dial canadian Toll Free
numbers, the TFN
provider rejects the call. we send these calls our our level3 EVT trunk.
 Level 3 states that they only support canadian TN's calling Canadian TFN's
as "best effort".

we have the same issue sending the calls out Bandwidth, where they might
likely send the call out Level3 as well.

we have the same issue sending the calls out windstream.

has anyone seen this issue as well?  i'm going to try a few more carriers.


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