[VoiceOps] SLA and yealink

Rakesh Unni rakeshunni at gmail.com
Thu Oct 25 11:55:12 EDT 2012

Hi guys

On Broadworks, there are 8 users in a group and they all have Yealink T26P.
There is a requirement all 8 users should be able to pickup call for other
7 users using individual buttons. But this Yealink phone has only 3 lines
but have 10 memory keys, is there a way we can tweak and use memory keys
for registration and use SLA with these keys for every other 7 users?

If i want to use BLF, how can i configure multiple list URIs on a single
user? Because i want individual buttons to monitor every other user. the
only possible way i see is monitor all 7 other users on a single BLF uri
and create a BLF List uri for every user to monitor other users? What do
you think?

Hope all of this makes sense :o)

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