[VoiceOps] Dash packet loss issue

Owen Roth owen at impulse.net
Wed Sep 12 15:00:02 EDT 2012


Has anyone else seen hour-spanning packet loss on inbound termination from Dash/Bandwidth/Inet.com's Atlanta CXC on the start of this week and the past week?

On those days, 9/4 and 9/10, we saw 2-10% packet loss on calls inbound from their Atlanta CXC, No issues found anywhere within our network or our carrier's network, but occasional ICMP loss to their Atlanta (the timing was a near match to the RTP loss.) We saw no issues on their other CXC, Denver,, until they moved inbound traffic to us to prefer *that* cxc, and then the issues moved over there, despite it being a different route!

We're 99% sure that this is their media endpoint being congested outbound to us, as these are occurring across peak hours on the largest day of the week and the issues move around depending on where the load is pointed -- and I'm looking for some confirmation that this is happening to all of their customers, and not just us.

What are you seeing? Atlanta packet loss on the days above, and Denver packet loss yesterday after noon PST? 

Owen Roth
Snr Network Engineer
Impulse Advanced Communications
owen at impulse.net

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