[VoiceOps] Broadsoft / 3CX SIP Trunks

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If you have ACME SBCs, try reading up on SIP Connect in the manual.  It will allow you to send to the registered 10-digit DID, but on egress, moves the To header to the RURI.

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Greetings fellow voipsters,

Have any of you done a SIP trunk integration between Broadsoft and 3CX? Or, more specifically, I have a customer with a 3CX device (don't ask) that is registered and I can send an INVITE, but their end denies the call (sends a 480 Temporarily Unavailable response) because it is having trouble routing it to the destination in the 3CX system. This is because they are expecting only the extension (4-digits), which I can send in the To: header but the SIP URI is the full, registered User ID so that the SBC knows how to get it to them. They are expecting only 4 digits in both the INVITE URI header and the To header.

I know I can create a complex/convoluted header manipulation with the SBC but it just feels like there must be another way.

Anyone know how to config the 3CX -- or even have a decent workaround -- to support this?

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