[VoiceOps] Spring Cleaning: Old VoIP stuff for sale

Frank rdflterr at gmail.com
Mon Apr 22 00:28:28 EDT 2013

Hi there fellow voice operators...
     We have a bunch of equipment that's been lying around the office
collecting dust, so as part of our annual spring cleaning we're looking to
get rid of it, cheap!

We have:
* 5+ Aastra 6755i
* 3+ Aastra 6731i
* 1 Aastra 6751i
* 10 Yealink T22P
* 2 Yealink T38G (color screen/gigabit)
* 2 Yealink VP2009 video phones

We also have some PRI cards from Sangoma - Sangoma A102Ds.

We also have a bunch of 6731's at a customer site which we'll be removing,
I think about 20-30 of them.

I'm looking to basically unload these at cost or under cost. Make me an
offer - the more stuff you take off my hand, the more likely I am to accept
your offer! :-)

ALSO, we are looking to buy an old manual switchboard. If any of you have
one (under $300 please) please let me know. Operational or not.

Thanks much.
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