[VoiceOps] Testing DIDs from multiple providers

Peter Beckman beckman at angryox.com
Mon Apr 29 15:33:32 EDT 2013

As a VoIP provider of numbers, we occasionally get complaints that a number
isn't working, or isn't working for specific callers. The trouble I'm
having is figuring out how to automate a test for this.

I've got an automated test now that makes a test call from a number known
to always ring busy. When my switch sees that CallerID, it plays a busy
signal and records the call in our database so I can have a record of a
successful test. When the number really is broken, that test consistently
fails and I have good data with which I can bug the carrier.

Most VoIP termination providers use Verizon or L3 or another major
provider. Often my DIDs are from them, so the calls always succeed within
the network. Often Verizon and L3 are both working when the customer

The issue is that sometimes its a cell carrier like Sprint that doesn't
route the number correctly, or even Comcast Business, though a Comcast home
phone successfully called the DID.

Is there any company out there that provides an API that allows me to
submit a request for a test of a number and will try that DID on a bunch of
carriers and report back? I suppose if you aren't the endpoint for that
DID, might be hard to automate, but I have ideas.

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