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Alex Balashov abalashov at evaristesys.com
Wed Dec 11 02:31:21 EST 2013

On 12/11/2013 02:27 AM, Ryan Finnesey wrote:

> Do you find people are still becoming CLECs?

It's hard for me to say.  I don't get the impression folks are becoming 
CLECs anew much anymore for the purpose of ILEC interconnection and UNE 
resale, but CLEC status that affords other rights-of-way (e.g. WiMax, 
fiber providers) seems as popular as ever.

For ITSPs, I think finding good existing CLEC partners is a more 
practical strategy than becoming a CLEC themselves, unless their market 
focus is really, really small and highly specialised in a particular 
area, and they have the large multi-site customers necessary to make it 

-- Alex

[1] Notwithstanding the recent FCC ruling about how VoIP providers can 
own numbers directly--it remains to be seen how that will actually be 
implemented, and whether the regulatory burden will be similar to that 
of CLEC in practice.

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