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Peter Beckman beckman at angryox.com
Wed Dec 11 18:20:17 EST 2013

You tell the customer that there is nothing you can do. There are so many
resellers of resellers, spoofing CallerID is practically brainless, and bad
actors will complete millions of calls, maybe even billions, using anyone's
ANI they want. Best you can do is offer to block calls from people who are
being jerks complaining to your customer who didn't make the calls.

The phone system is decentralized, and while that is generally great, it
sucks for this.

There is nothing that can be done that will be effective. You can complain
to lots of places, but unless the call is going through their network, and
how could you possibly know what network the call is going through, they
can't help. Even if it is, they might decide not to help.

A non-profit independent organization would have to get all the carriers
involved to allow for tracking who sent what calls where and when. And us
little guys won't get access, so we'll have to cut a ticket to our carrier
to their carrier before we get a response a week later.

Or you could ask for an FOIA request from the NSA. Pretty sure they'd know.


On Wed, 11 Dec 2013, Jared Geiger wrote:

> One of our customers is reporting that their ANI is being used to make
> calls. I've verified that the traffic isn't traversing our network, but I'm
> not sure of where to look next.
> The customer doesn't necessarily want to know who is making the calls, but
> wants them to stop. I know I can contact Verizon, who owns the number, but
> since the calls aren't being originated from us or our customer, I'm not
> sure how they can help.
> Does anyone have ideas of how to go about blocking this since we aren't the
> LEC owner of the DID?
> ~Jared

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