[VoiceOps] CALEA for the small fry operator

Carlos Alvarez carlos at televolve.com
Sat Jan 19 11:13:00 EST 2013

I'm trimming all previous replies because this isn't in reply to any one
thing.  I spent several hours last night reading FCC docs, FBI stuff, and
whatever I could find on this topic.  There are a few bullet points that
stuck in my mind.  These are according to my interpretation, and while I've
been reading FCC and other legal stuff for a very long time, I'm not a
lawyer and my expertise isn't in law.

It seems that there is one allowed data standard, but repeatedly I saw that
the FCC refused to limit delivery methods, particularly for packet-switched
networks.  It seems to me that a meetme in Asterisk is almost compliant,
though missing some of the signaling stuff.  There is in fact an option on
the FCC compliance form for "proprietary/home-grown" solution.

On that topic however, I repeatedly saw "if reasonably available."  The FCC
says that you must provide all the signaling requested "if reasonably
available" at the network intercept point.  They specifically said they
don't expect operators to completely redesign their networks.  This of
course is rather unclear.  From our perspective, as a tiny company, it
would be easy to argue that it's not reasonable for us to spend 50% of a
year's profit changing our network.  I may be crazy and that may not work,
I don't know.

You can charge any time you get a request for records or intercept.
 Actually a lot.  As a comparative number, Comcast charges $1k to set up an
intercept and provide a month of service, $750/mo thereafter.  They charge
$200/mo for weekly call record delivery.

Carlos Alvarez
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