[VoiceOps] What is a Modern SIP Phone?

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> From: "Mark R Lindsey" <lindsey at e-c-group.com>

> (There are some interesting points buried in this area about the
> fundamental "end to end argument in system design" and how that works
> for dynamically negotiated features. We'd all like to believe that we
> humans could specify standards and the two endpoints could negotiate
> the best common set of compatible features on each individual call.
> But we haven't proven that it's even possible.)
> When you're evaluating a SIP access device -- phone or PBX -- you're
> working in this weird milieux of non-standardized-yet-important
> features, for which interop testing is the only compliance that
> matters.

I love Starting Conversations.  :-)

At that point, Mark, I should probably remind everyone why Interop got
started.  I went to a very early one, at the Georgia World Congress Center,
and let me tell you, it was pretty impressive back then.

I don't see why someone isn't doing a well publicized shootout at an
annual event of some type, where each PBX vendor brings along their best
people, and each phone vendor brings *their* best people, and a set of
independent VoIP/PBX guys judge a shootout.  Bring programming talent
along and have a hackathon between first day and last day, and see how
much you can fix.

This isn't... rocket science.  (NASA has a big Cisco install, presumably
CM :-).

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