[VoiceOps] LIDB Usage

Jared Geiger jared at compuwizz.net
Sun Mar 24 14:27:33 EDT 2013

A lot of our customers have been asking how they can better scrub their
calling lists to only call provisioned numbers. They do the normal DNC list
scrubbing, but they need something more.

Does the LIDB database have this sort of information in it as for as if the
number is active and provisioned? I know it won't be perfect as a CLEC such
as Level3 could have the number provisioned to an ITSP who just has it in
inventory. It would help at least a little bit to be able to skip over the
Not Provisioned numbers.

If the LIDB can't handle this, what other database should I be looking for
to do dips to?

If it can do this type of thing (I know its mainly used for 8YY calling
dips) where can we get access to the database?

Jared Geiger
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