[VoiceOps] Voice performance testing and simulation software

Mick Burns bmx1955 at gmail.com
Thu May 16 18:04:52 EDT 2013


Anyone can recommend me a software-based SIP solution to enable automated
periodic voice quality testing (RTP) through a VoIP network ?
In short, the solution would replicate the customer experience by placing
calls on-net from "TEST STATION A" to different DIDs that would each leave
through different upstream TSPs and all of the DIDs would ring the same
Station "B" can either be on-net or outside and will automatically answer
the call and then spit out audio (i.e.: a continuous tone), or it may also
enter in a loopback mode and station "A" would simultaneously generate and
also detect the presence and integrity of the tone.
The solution should log every performance aspects from each test run and
also send an alarm on repeated failures for either no-answers or degraded
RTP quality like packet loss, jitter or even problems with the expected

So far I have seen products from GL communications "RTP Toolbox" that could
possibly do it. : http://www.gl.com/rtptoolbox.html

I would also be interested in other ways like using open source projects
like Freeswitch :

I'd appreciate if you can share your experiences for those who have already
done that, or simply ideas from anyone else.

Thank you,
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