[VoiceOps] DDOS on communications networks: I want your experiences

Peter Childs pchilds at staff.iinet.net.au
Mon Nov 18 18:20:47 EST 2013

It might be interesting to have a chat to the CallCentric guys if they
were able to discuss the issues they had which appeared to be pretty
extensive (?)

On 19/11/13 9:36 AM, "Ryan Delgrosso" <ryandelgrosso at gmail.com> wrote:

>I am putting together a talk on DDOS attacks on VoIP networks to present
>next year and while I have a fair body of work to draw from in my own
>experience I am sure someone out there has seen stuff I haven't.
>So if you have dealt with a DDOS attack on your voice network and have a
>few minutes to share the notes of the case with me I would love to hear
>about it. Feel free to reply on or off list.
>Thanks in advance
>-Ryan Delgrosso
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