[VoiceOps] Issues with ISPs blocking SIP 5060 - 5061

Jay Hennigan jay at west.net
Thu Nov 21 12:28:01 EST 2013

On 11/21/13 5:36 AM, J. Oquendo wrote:

> "Getting the carrier..." We try not to inherit
> any of the network unless we are managing it. This frees us
> from any liabilities associated with say a Doctors office
> doing some whacky VPN to a hospital or other. Would take us
> too long to perform a network assessment, and make sense of
> a client's business needs, especially for free.

It's a balancing act, to be sure.  Your customer will of course say that
the rest of the Internet works fine, it's just your VoIP service that is
failing.  "I can get to Google and Yahoo, so there's nothing wrong with
my Internet, but your phone doesn't work."

For one-off remote phones, setting SIP transport to TCP is often a good
workaround by the way.

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