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Brandon Lehmann brandon at bitradius.com
Wed Oct 2 11:06:13 EDT 2013

Good morning,

My apologies if this isn't quite the right list for this question.

We're in the middle of developing a VoIP IVR application and in one of our prompts we need the user to speak names of people. Once the recording is complete, we'd like to automatically convert that recording to text for saving to a database.

Currently, we've been testing Google Voice's API and have had pretty decent luck (compared to other 'free' solutions); however, we've also encountered gems such as:

the lord's johnson (Delores Johnson)
oh my god it's got a carburetor (Ernesto Mogato, Edgar Carbrera)
we bake a 10 year reunion (Willie Baker, Daneil Munjez)

It appears that many of of the speech-to-text engines are designed for phrases instead of names. Would anyone happen to have any recommendations for speech-to-text engines that do a good job recognizing names? Are any of them better than others regarding dealing with accents?

We're open to suggestions of the free, open-source, or commercial variety if the accuracy is there.

Thank you,

Brandon Lehmann
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