[VoiceOps] Strange inbound Calls

Nick Olsen nick at flhsi.com
Wed Oct 2 14:46:09 EDT 2013

Indeed, The problem is most of these numbers will hit one or two customers 
and then never appear again. So, blocking the calling numbers isn't going 
to get me anywhere since chances are it's different next time.

Nick Olsen
Network Operations (855) FLSPEED  x106

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You could block the numbers at sms800 level or block them at your switch 
On Wed, Oct 2, 2013 at 8:36 AM, Matt Yaklin <myaklin at g4.net> wrote:

I randomly choose a few numbers to check our CDR data and
I see that 2564002365 called a customer of ours normal TN
and one customer's toll free number.

 9/27/2013 20:12:43,"ALBERTVILLE AL" 

 When I call the number 2564002365 it answers and immediately hangs up on
me. It reminds me of an asterisk like thing where I have made a mistake in
my config but this is intentional?

Randomly checking a few numbers they seem to belong to Level3 if they have
not ported.

Call them up and complain? Maybe in some wierd bizzaro world they might
actually do something about it.

matt at g4.net

On Wed, 2 Oct 2013, Nick Olsen wrote:

 Hello Everyone,
We've been seeing a lot of strange inbound calls to our toll free numbers 
recently. The only thing they have in common is the caller ID text is 
always a city and a state. And the the call duration is 60 seconds on the 

Considering they are calling toll free numbers I assume this is some kind 
of fraud attempt. IE. Calling tons of random Toll Free numbers so the 
terminating carrier pays the originator..etc.

Anyone else seeing this? Anything we can do to stop these? Here's what our 
CDR looks like, These are just the calls to our Corp Toll free. But we are 
seeing them toward customer toll free as well.

9/1/2013 13:39:02,"CARLSBAD CA" 
9/1/2013 16:20:30,"WEST BLOCTON AL" 
9/6/2013 07:18:18,"HUNTNGTN PRK CA" 
9/7/2013 11:54:09,"FORT SMITH AR" 
9/7/2013 23:14:35,"TUCSON AZ" 
9/9/2013 19:06:00,"WARRIOR AL" 
9/9/2013 20:23:49,"SAN RAFAEL CA" 
9/25/2013 17:01:09,"FRESNO CA" 
9/25/2013 22:41:29,"MOBILE AL" 
9/26/2013 00:01:35,"PINSON AL" 
9/26/2013 03:13:53,"PHENIX CITY AL" 
9/26/2013 22:38:21,"GUNTERSVILLE AL" 
9/27/2013 11:29:58,"MIAMI AZ" 
9/27/2013 20:12:43,"ALBERTVILLE AL" 
9/30/2013 02:07:15,"HUNTSVILLE AL" 
9/30/2013 06:55:16,"CHASE CITY VA" 
10/2/2013 02:23:12,"LOS ANGELES CA" 

Nick Olsen
Network Operations (855) FLSPEED  x106


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