[VoiceOps] Toll-Free Fraud/Spam

Ivan Kovacevic ivan.kovacevic at startelecom.ca
Thu Apr 3 12:10:07 EDT 2014

A few weeks back, one of our client TFN #s got hit by 60,000 calls per
hour. The number was not active so none of the calls were answered, but it
was just odd... The two ANIs were not in service. We removed the CICs so as
not to annoy the carrier and called it a day... only because it wasn't an
active number. Not sure what we would've done if it was.

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Ivan Kovacevic

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We are seeing a relatively high number of strange calls hitting a portion
of our Toll-Free numbers.  The ANIs are mostly disconnected/invalid.  When
our system answers, we hear silence, a DTMF tone, and then a fast busy on
the inbound RTP stream.

We are seeing this over multiple TF vendors.  Is anyone else seeing
anything like this out in the wild?


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