[VoiceOps] Signaling hold to the PSTN

Jay Ashworth jra at baylink.com
Wed Apr 16 00:13:48 EDT 2014

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> From: "Alexander Lopez" <alex.lopez at opsys.com>

> SS7 as well as sip allow for remote hold. No media is transmitted at
> that point in Sip you save bandwidth in TDM you don't eat up a channel

That violates the rules of TDM rather violently.

It implies that a perfectly valid working call could *break* in the middle,
since the TDM VC it had nailed up would *lose a segment* in the middle, 
which might then not be available when the user came back.

Nuh uh... not in *my* network.

Hold is in-band, semantically; it is *not* the province of the transport

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