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John Curry John at InteleChoice.us
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Would you mind sharing your hi toll rate destination dial plan?


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Maybe I am missing something here but why does the carrier that delivers the
fraudulent traffic to the Telco that's in on the fraud pay the Telco that's
in on the fraud for the calls that are delivered to their network?   Seems
pretty simple, if you cut off their revenue stream they won't have a reason
to continue.   


I guess we all know there is no incentive for them to stop this practice
because it's a big cash cow for everyone except for the poor end user who is
left holding the bag.


Our default dial plan won't let you dial these destinations so we don't have
a real issue with this abusive traffic.   Most of our customers who use
international go with one of our filtered dial plans that let them dial most
of the world except for known fraudulent and high toll rate destinations.





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In most cases you will lose this customer. They don't see this as their
responsibility (i.e. the credit card fraud defense) but the reality is their
equipment was compromised due to their negligence. 

If the customer is reasonable offer them your cost on the damages so its
just a passthrough. Otherwise you can take them to court or just send them
to collections. 

BTW while many will advocate fraud detection and mitigation systems here,
its been my experience (we wrote our own fraud system that out-performs our
upstream carriers by hours) that if you detect fraud on a customer like
this, and shut it down in minutes, and mitigate what could have been
thousands of dollars in damage due to their mis-configured systems, reducing
it to just tens or hundreds they will often still fight that amount and deny
responsibility. The fraud system protects you, and by extension the
customer, but the customers don't see it that way. 


On 02/19/2014 02:09 PM, John Curry wrote:

I am new to your site. I was looking in the Archives and saw in November
2013 there were some of you who experienced fraud. We had a an Avaya IP
Office customers system who got hit pretty bad. The customer is treating the
fraudulent calls like credit card fraud and not taking any responsibility.
Does anyone have any advice on how to persuade the customer take this issue
seriously?  His bill was racked up pretty good.  Strangely and
coincidentally Avaya came out with a security bulletin the end of December
2013 on this same issue.  I tried to contact Avaya with no response. It
seems as though someone has built a sniffer for the Avaya IP Offices and
gleaning their registrations.


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