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Fri Jan 10 13:22:06 EST 2014

The google geocode API is pretty easy to work with and their mapping tool has a heatmap API. It sounds like the hard part would be mapping calls to latitude/longitude.

On Jan 10, 2014, at 12:42 PM, "J. Oquendo" <joquendo at e-fensive.net> wrote:

On Fri, 10 Jan 2014, Scott Berkman wrote:

> Maybe try TransNexus CDRAnalyzer? 
> http://www.transnexus.com/index.php/cdranalyzer
> If they don't do exactly what you are looking for, they'd probably be 
> willing to add it.  There is a free trial and they are good guys over there.

Yea, we use TransNexus, kudos to those guys (James, etc).
They are on par 24x7 when we need something. I was thinking
something more visual, which perhaps forks off another mail
I could send, but opt to attach it here...

I am looking for something visual... Something where I can
just plop open a global map, where a bubble would say: "oh
yea, in country X, there was a lot of fraud destined there"
where using this heatmap, one could click a hotspot, and
see endpoint calls to block out those area codes, or numbers.
Would be community driven, and free to trusted users kind of

Think: "Arbor Networks" meets Open Source for VoIP.

J. Oquendo

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