[VoiceOps] recommendations for PRI/POTS/DATA CPE device with fiber handoff

Matt Yaklin myaklin at g4.net
Tue Jan 28 15:31:13 EST 2014


I was looking at Adtran's website at the TA90Xe boxes because I swore
they made a model with a SFP port but I cannot seem to find one. I am
waiting for my Adtran SE to call back so I thought I would email the
list and see what everyone else is using in this situation.

We run fiber directly to the customer premise. The customer wants
a PRI, 6 POTS, and 10-20 Mb/s internet.

I want QoS on the upstream to be solid, I would prefer a device which
can terminate the fiber directly, and run all the services from the
same device.

If my memory was incorrect and the TA90Xe does not offer a SFP port
should I just stick a media converter in front of it or does anyone
else have some gear to recommend?

Thanks for any tips,

matt at g4.net

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