[VoiceOps] Help with Incoming calls to 256-574-3285

Adam Vocks Adam.Vocks at cticomputers.com
Thu Jul 17 11:31:43 EDT 2014


I think it says "ready ready"?


Call completes from AT&T Cellular Taylorville, IL and also from ANPI LD.


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Subject: [VoiceOps] Help with Incoming calls to 256-574-3285




I need a big help, we just found out that our incoming calls to
256-912-0000 NPA_NXX/LRN is not properly delivered any more. Here is a
test number I have set-up




Can I get group members to call this number and report their results to
me.  This will help me to troubleshoot the problem more in depth.  



Feby Francis

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