[VoiceOps] Comcast Voice Engineer?

Mark Wiles mwiles at akabis.com
Tue Jul 22 15:02:43 EDT 2014

Is there per chance a Comcast Voice Engineer out there?


Comcast customers, at least in the Augusta GA neck-of-the-woods, are unable
to call an 803-202 number.  

When they call it, it rings, and rings, and rings.  When called from off of
Comcast network, it completes fine.


Customer advises that they were going to port to Comcast, but they couldn't
get it done as quickly as the customer wanted.

Seems like maybe Comcast has a translation built for the TN, that they never
actually ported in.


Any assistance would be appreciated. customer is understandably unhappy, and
there's little I can do as we're not a Comcast peer or customer.


Off-list input welcomed!  J






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