[VoiceOps] FW: [Sipnoc14-attendees] Quality Voice on QoS-Free Internet / OTT / BYOB? 6:00pm US/Eastern

Charles Eckel (eckelcu) eckelcu at cisco.com
Thu Jun 12 09:48:15 EDT 2014

Resending now that I have subscribed the list.

On 6/11/14, 8:52 PM, "Charles Eckel (eckelcu)" <eckelcu at cisco.com> wrote:

>Hi Mark,
>Thanks for arranging the BOF and leading the discussion. I found it
>insightful and in some cases quite enlightening. Please do share the link
>to the paper you mentioned on VPNs.
>Those interested in the challenges around identifying and prioritizing
>traffic, particularly when it is encrypted, may be interested in the
>following draft:
>It focus on the problem space without offering a solution. I have some
>thoughts on solutions. Our discussion on inspecting STUN packets and
>pulling info from them is one such idea.
>I¹m happy to discuss in more detail. I will be around tomorrow, or you can
>shoot me an e-mail anytime.
>On 6/11/14, 10:21 AM, "Mark R Lindsey" <lindsey at e-c-group.com> wrote:
>>o=lindsey 1402495442 1 in IP4
>>i=BOF Meeting on maximizing voice quality over QoS Free Internet. Google
>>Hangout at URI below.
>>e=lindsey at e-c-group.com (Mark Lindsey)
>>p=+1 229 316 0013
>>t=3611498400 3611502000
>>c=IP IP4
>>How do you maximize voice quality via the Internet? Help us figure it
>>We'd all rather do Voice and Video across QoS-Engineered networks. But
>>what happens when we have to support customers over the Internet?
>>The VoiceOps crowd (http://www.voiceops.org) gave us tons of great ideas
>>to start this discussion. Join the BOF Meeting tonight online or in
>>person, and help us find the best.
>>	TIME: 6:00pm-7:00pm US/Eastern June 11, 2014
>>	IN PERSON: SIPNOC 2014, Hyatt Dulles
>>	ONLINE: Google Hangout link here: http://ecg.co/sipnoc2014
>>>>> mark at ecg.co +1-229-316-0013 http://ecg.co/lindsey
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