[VoiceOps] Adtran Help

David Wessell david at ringfree.biz
Tue Jun 17 16:07:00 EDT 2014

I have an adtran 912 that I'm seeing one way audio on origination calls
(very intermittently).

I'm exporting pcap's from the machine to a tftp server over the internet.
But the 912 runs out of memory and pauses the pcap process and thus far I
haven't been able to get a single decent pcap to show the carrier.

I've been on with Adtran support and their answer is to put the tftp server
closer to the adtran so that exports finish faster. I'm doing that and will
have it done in the am.

However I thought I'd ask if there's a magic process that anyone has found
for getting good pcaps from these devices. They seem to work well, but
troubleshooting is a bitch. You can even log the debug. You have to keep a
damn terminal open and hit a key every 4 minutes to not disconnect.


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