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Carlos Alvarez caalvarez at gmail.com
Tue Jun 17 16:16:52 EDT 2014

Our methodology for packet captures is to put an independent machine
on a spanned port and capture on that.  Then it doesn't matter what
the devices are doing, you get a true network picture.

On Tue, Jun 17, 2014 at 1:07 PM, David Wessell <david at ringfree.biz> wrote:
> I have an adtran 912 that I'm seeing one way audio on origination calls
> (very intermittently).
> I'm exporting pcap's from the machine to a tftp server over the internet.
> But the 912 runs out of memory and pauses the pcap process and thus far I
> haven't been able to get a single decent pcap to show the carrier.
> I've been on with Adtran support and their answer is to put the tftp server
> closer to the adtran so that exports finish faster. I'm doing that and will
> have it done in the am.
> However I thought I'd ask if there's a magic process that anyone has found
> for getting good pcaps from these devices. They seem to work well, but
> troubleshooting is a bitch. You can even log the debug. You have to keep a
> damn terminal open and hit a key every 4 minutes to not disconnect.
> Thanks
> David
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