[VoiceOps] Solving port blocking issue @ softphone

Ryan Delgrosso ryandelgrosso at gmail.com
Thu Jun 26 13:43:25 EDT 2014

443 for sip over TCP works pretty well, but for UDP i usually just pick 
a few random port numbers. The more common the more likely you are to 
get a ALG for another protocol inspecting them and maybe doing silly 
things. I prefer it to go un-inspected if possible.

On 6/26/2014 10:20 AM, Mark R Lindsey wrote:
> Do you think "Seemingly random" is really important? I've had good 
> luck with TCP/443 for SIP.
> />>> mark at ecg.co <mailto:mark at ecg.co> +1-229-316-0013 
> http://ecg.co/lindsey/
> On Jun 26, 2014, at 11:57 , Ryan Delgrosso <ryandelgrosso at gmail.com 
> <mailto:ryandelgrosso at gmail.com>> wrote:
>> Add 2 or 3 more seemingly random ports for the SBC to listen on. Also 
>> add them in TCP.
>> have the softphone use DNS naptr records to order UDP then TCP srv 
>> records, and in each SRV record offer the same proxy with different 
>> ports. This will cause the softphone to try multiple ports on UDP 
>> then multiple ports on TCP until it finds success.
>> If the softphone doesn't support NAPTR, then you can use SRV only but 
>> you lose the ability to try different transports. If it doesnt 
>> support SRV records, find another softphone.
>> -Ryan
>> On 6/26/2014 7:34 AM, Feby Francis wrote:
>>> <Mail Attachment.gif>
>>> Experts,
>>> I have a customer who travels a lot and uses our softphone offering, 
>>> I need a solution to overcome the situations when the port 5060 is 
>>> blocked.
>>> Is there any work around to solve the port blocking problems? We use 
>>> standard 5060 on the SBC and my switch vendor is Broadsoft.
>>> Thanks for all the help and advices,
>>> Feby Francis
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