[VoiceOps] Linefeed in CNAM data?

Nick Olsen nick at flhsi.com
Fri Mar 21 10:44:35 EDT 2014

OpenCNAM (free) doesn't let you query everything from what I understand.
 Here's the paste from our internal tool that queries both openCNAM (Paid) 
and "Call with us". Looks fine to me..
 (CWUS) CNAM: Neilsen Paul (OPCN) CNAM: SKYPE CALLER  LRN: 16617480993 
State: CA Ratecenter: BKFD MAIN LATA: 734 OCN: 649C Company: NEUTRAL TANDEM 
CA Type: CLEC   Last Request: 03-21-2014 10:34:58
 Nick Olsen
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Subject: Re: [VoiceOps] Linefeed in CNAM data?   
??? That's...wrong.

I'm not a customer, but given that they have a "free" option, I decided to 
try an OpenCNAM query for that number and got this:

'CNAM for phone "+16617480240" is currently unavailable for Hobbyist Tier 

What? Their site says nothing about lookups for certain numbers only being 
avaiable on the "pro" tier. What is up with this particular phone number??

-- Nathan

On Wednesday, March 19, 2014 8:15 PM, Carlos Alvarez 
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> I get Neilsen Paul from OpenCNAM.
> ________________________________________
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> Subject: [VoiceOps] Linefeed in CNAM data?
> Our CNAM lookup provider is sending us name data for one particular
> number that includes a linefeed in it. It's possible that it's their
> mistake and that this particular number's CNAM data doesn't actually 
> this character in it, but it raises the question: is this a legal
> character?
> The number in question is a SkypeOut gateway: 661-748-0240 -- I'd be
> curious to know what other people are seeing on a CNAM lookup for this.
> What we are getting is "SKYPE USER\nSKYPE USER". And, actually, now that
> I think about it, this can't possibly be the actual value since I 
> CNAM is limited to 15 characters. So I'll talk to our provider about
> this. (This is the only number that we have seen anything like this
> with.)
> BTW, it turns out that when Asterisk sends an INVITE and the
> CALLERID(name) value has been stuffed with a string that contains a
> newline, it decides to send this in the headers:
> From: "SKYPE USER\
> SKYPE USER" <sip:6617480240 at>
> ...so it includes the linefeed (ASCII 10) in the string, but tries to
> escape it with a '\' (which is not entirely unprecedented). An Asterisk
> box on the receiving end of that INVITE, however, will completely ignore
> the INVITE...it won't log an error and doesn't bother dignifying it with
> a response, probably because it sees that as two separate lines (it
> doesn't concatenate two lines that are separated by a '\') and the 
> line all by itself looks like garbage/wouldn't make sense to a SIP 
> parser.

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