[VoiceOps] Grandstream ATAs for Faxing

Colton Conor colton.conor at gmail.com
Wed Sep 10 08:32:54 EDT 2014

For faxing, HTTPS faxing using Audiocodes adapters with Faxback technology
has been the only reliable solution for us. Not sure about credit cards.
T38 seems to be a joke.

On Tue, Sep 9, 2014 at 9:39 AM, Jamey <jamesleo at socket.net> wrote:

> Hello,
> We having been utilizing Grandstream ATAs (HT70X and GXW400X) as analog
> hand offs with our Hosted Services built on the Broadworks platform and
> Sansay's SBC.  We've had regular trouble when using them with fax and
> credit card machines.  We support t38 but have often gone to g711
> pass-through.  Echo cancellation is disabled.  We've tested them with the
> various jitter buffer lengths, Rx/Tx setting adjustments and various
> impedance values.  The results seem very inconsistent.  This is site to
> site as well as inconsistent results at the same site.  The faxing/credit
> card transmissions will work for a period of time and then begin failing
> without any changes.
> We are a CLEC who control the QoS from device out to the PSTN.  We've
> found that replacing the ATA with a Adtran TA90X usually corrects the
> issues but this is not a cost effective solution.
> Anyone have similar experiences with Grandstream ATAs?  Anyone have
> reliable VoIP faxing with their ATAs? If anyone has been successful
> integrating the Grandstreams, I would be interested in knowing what config
> changes you've made from their default.  Which models you've used with
> which firmware?
> Anyone have other ATA's that seem to work well for faxing and credit card
> machines?  We'd like to keep our offering to as few manufacturers as
> possible that can offer 2, 4, 8+ FXS ports.
> Thanks for any and all recommendations.
> Jamey
> Socket Telecom
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