[VoiceOps] Device Feature Key Synchronization Exclusive To Broadsoft?

Rob Dawson rdawson at force3.com
Wed Apr 1 12:03:38 EDT 2015

Your question got me curious so I took a look – found this: http://www.excalibur-partners.com/solutions/voip-phone-systems/2-uncategorised/58-phonefeatures-freepbx-module

I’ve never used it but may be worth looking into.


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Subject: [VoiceOps] Device Feature Key Synchronization Exclusive To Broadsoft?

Is Device Feature Key Synchronization on Polycom phones an exclusive feature to Broadsoft service providers, or is the same thing implemented on other softswitches such a Asterisk for example?

 I am talking about if you hit DND on a Polycom phone connected to a broadsoft it will turn on DND on the Broadsoft server. If you go to the Broadsoft severs we interface and turn the feature off, it will instantly show its off on the phone.

More info on Device Feature Key Synchronization here http://community.polycom.com/polycom/attachments/polycom/VoIP/2234/1/DeviceFeatureKeySynchronizationFD.pdf

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