[VoiceOps] Never seen this on a Polycom

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Nice! Thanks for the detailed history.

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The 0004f2 prefix came from Circa Communications Ltd when Polycom bought them for their IP phone product and founded the SoundPoint IP line around it. At that point the SoundStation IP3000 was already a product (and I think it used 00e075, but not sure), and the IP4000 was already in development. For the first few production runs the IP4000 used the 00e075 prefix. Eventually both the SoundPoint IP and SoundStation IP products were unified on the 0004f2 prefix.


On 8 April 2015 at 13:25, Rob Dawson <rdawson at force3.com<mailto:rdawson at force3.com>> wrote:
I’ve been dealing with Polycom phones for 8 years and I’ve never seen one with a MAC address that didn’t start with 0004F2, till today . . . an old co-worker of mine sent me a picture of a Soundstation IP 4000 with a MAC address 00E075.

I’ve seen thousands of these things deployed, I can’t believe I never ran into this before . . . anyone else seen this?


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