[VoiceOps] Toll Free as Outbound CLID

Ivan Kovacevic ivan.kovacevic at startelecom.ca
Mon Apr 20 11:36:38 EDT 2015

Hi Shri,

In Canada it is mandated by the CRTC and most carriers pass it through when
we send it. Most of our US-bound traffic uses TF CLI which seems to come
across. So as far as we are aware, using TF as CLI is not an issue.

Best Regards,

Ivan Kovacevic

Vice President, Client Services

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Hello everyone,

i'm just wondering if there is a legal/regulatory issue with having a TFN
as the outbound CLID for a customer on our hosted platform(s).

On the broadworks, the system won't even allow for it.  However, on our M6,
it doesn't really care.


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