[VoiceOps] Homer vs VoIPMonitor

Lorenzo Mangani lorenzo.mangani at gmail.com
Tue Dec 1 11:56:18 EST 2015


The configuration steps are quite simple and outlined here:

You basically only have to enable the feature and specify the collector for
the PUBLISH or NOTIFY RFC 6035 messages the phone will start sending, each
containing all the QoS metrics the device can generate (this changes across
firmwares/versions) including the MOS score where available in final
reports, painting an accurate picture of the user experience and/or
broadband quality without additional probing or remote estimations. Our
platforms OSS HOMER & PCAPture both support acting as RTCP-XR VQ Publish
report collector and parser with full correlation to the originating SIP
sessions and extracting the values for global statistics.

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Lorenzo Mangani
QXIP BV - Capture Engineering
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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