[VoiceOps] SIP provider that will route to free conference services

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That number seems to work for me from Flowroute.  But it *does* take an awful long time to connect, like they are trying to go down through a list of carriers in their LCR table and keep getting rejected, until it finally manages to go through on a carrier that is a fair ways down the list...

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We do offer conferencing, but these customers are needing to join large conferences arranged by business partners or vendors and they are not able to influence the service used.

Here is one of the phone numbers: 712-775-7031.  I have a carrier that rejects it outright and 2 that it just rings and rings and never answers.  If I call from my cell phone, it immediately answers and prompts for conference information.


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And then, please do record that phone call!

If you give me a sample number to test, I'll try it on our carriers.  But on the other hand, why not just provide the conferencing service on your own service?  That's what we do; we've simply told our customers not to use them and give them conferencing ability as part of our services.

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On 12/02/2015 03:49 PM, Evan P. Hall wrote:
We have a few customers who need to reach free conference call
services and none of our current carriers will route the calls.  Are
there any providers out there that will take these calls via SIP?  We
are happy to pay a fair price per minute if somebody will take it.

You could take, or threaten to take, the route of reporting your upstream termination carriers for noncompliance with the FCC's order on the subject. :-)


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