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We’re a White Label Metaswitch shop…


If you’d like to contact me off-list, please do!






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Reinvent is a solid shop.  

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Metaswitch has a number of wholesalers/white label operators as well.

ReInvent Telecom does a nice job with this -- http://re-inventtelecom.com/

Powernet’s been a longstanding LD wholesaler, but also offers Metaswitch-based HPBX and UC as a wholesaler as well -- http://www.powernetco.com/


You can contact me directly for more –

chris.carabello at metaswitch.com <mailto:chris.carabello at metaswitch.com> 


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Who provides a white labeled hosted Metaswitch offering? I know there are tons of wholesale Broadsoft shops, but I am not aware of an established Metaswitch shop that has an white label program. 

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