[VoiceOps] Future of the Traditional PSTN vs VOIP and VoLTE

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Mon Dec 7 11:06:31 EST 2015

I hadn't heard of Iconectiv (one "n") before. I found this:


Was it Neustar prior to this change?

I dream of a process for LNP that goes like this:

     1. Customer goes to current carrier, requests a Porting Authorization
        Code for a number (or set of numbers), either online or over the phone.

     2. Current carrier generates a Porting Authorization Code and provides
        it to the Customer.

     3. Customer goes to new carrier, provides Phone Number, Current
        Carrier, and the Porting Authorization Code.

     4. New carrier submits port request to Current Carrer with the Number
        and Porting Authorization Code. No name, billing address, PIN/SSN,
        just those three things.

     5. Current carrier matches the Porting Authorization Code with their
        records for that Number and the port goes through.

Since all of this is centralized, just have Iconectiv manage it -- the
Current Carrier uses an API with Iconectiv to register the number and get a
code back. The New Carrier uses the API with Iconectiv with the number and
the code to verify porting. Codes expire after x days.

Will Iconectiv bring this level of sanity to porting in the NANP? Or will
it be more of the same, with rejections for an incorrect street abbreviation?

I know it's more complicated than that to implement, but it really ticks me
off how difficult it is to port numbers these days if you aren't a Tier 1
wireless carrier.


On Sat, 5 Dec 2015, Erik Flournoy wrote:

> Aloha Group,
> I'm curious to know others thoughts on where they believe the traditional
> PSTN is going vs VOIP and VoLTE. Now that Iconnectiv will be administering
> the LNP in the US I feel as though it's the best time to try and propose
> new or more up to date solutions that allow smaller carriers to operate.
> For example there is no charge to have the ability to port numbers in NPAC,
> but there is a monthly charge for the remote access to the NPAC. Then the
> interconnectivity at the LEC level. The archaic ways of telecom have not
> seemed to change much although VOIP is now in my opinion the standard of
> telecom. VOIP will soon be able to get code blocks and route via SIP vs SS7
> and LERG. LERG, ASR/LSR, SS7 all systems owned by one monopolizing company.

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