[VoiceOps] Future of the Traditional PSTN vs VOIP and VoLTE

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Mon Dec 7 14:36:24 EST 2015

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> From: "Mike Ray, MBA, CNE, CTE" <mike at astrocompanies.com>

> I think you may have missed the main point of the ILEC proposals to “modernize”.
> They still propose, post-“modernization”, to force CLECs to interconnect with
> TDM facilities and SS7 at each tandem as they have to today.  That’s a huge
> revenue stream and they’re not going to willingly give that up.  Their
> “modernization” proposal is simply “We want to get rid of all UNEs” in
> disguise.  It’s totally anti-competitive.  AT&T simply wants to take that wire
> that’s in the ground today that must be made available for UNEs and divest that
> wire to one of its subsidiaries which is not an ILEC.  They will use that
> existing copper to provide both legacy and next-gen services but since it is no
> longer owned by the ILEC it’s no longer subject to being used for UNEs by
> CLECs.  Viola!  Network modernized!  The old monopoly is new again and they
> didn’t even have to invest in new infrastructure.

Roughly akin to what they were trying to do after Sandy in NY, shifting
customers from regulated copper to unreg subsidiary (read: FiOS) fiber, IIRC.

Luckily, a statistically significant number of customers told them to fold it
until it was all sharp corners, and shove it SO FAR UP their... er, what now?

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